How to kill the DRM in your old iTunes purchases in 4 easy steps

TunesKit DRM Media Converter is a perfect choice to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies.


Less than a decade ago, digital rights management (DRM) debates were as common and heated as online privacy debates are today. Appleā€™s iTunes was, of course, the biggest digital music distribution center that utilized DRM, but in 2009 Apple finally caved and ditched its digital file-protection solution. But what about all the music people purchased before 2009 that is digitally locked to just a few devices? As it turns out, dumping the DRM on your old iTunes purchases is remarkably easy.

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How to Convert DRMed wmv videos to unprotected MP4 format

This video is showing you the detailed steps on how to remove drm from WMV videos, like videos purchased from Amazon video on demand, amazon instant video, BBC iplayer, Windows Media center etc. This program used in the video can help you convert DRMed video to MP4 format with lossless quality.